Soft Wash Cleaning

A safe, damage free, cost effective and longer lasting alternative to pressure washing.


Changes in the climate in the last couple of decades has resulted in an increase in warmer and wet winter months in Ireland which has resulted in a larger amount of organic matter such as algae and moss appearing on brickwork and rendered surfaces. Over time, this can cause damage to many different building materials so it is vital that they are cleaned on a regular basis and this is where soft washing comes in.

Dublin Repointing and Renovation are experienced softwashing specialists and will endeavour to increase the lifetime of the exterior materials of your building with a professional soft wash.

Organic matter will discolour most building materials, staining the building and making it look old before its time; soft washing will remove these stains and help prevent them from appearing again, especially with repeated, regular cleaning.

Soft washing is also the best way to clean a building’s roof. This may seem unnecessary at first, until you realise the amount of dirt that gathers at the top of the building, with the risk of it making its way down and causing the exterior to look stained and tired. Sometimes, pressure washers are mistakenly used whilst cleaning roofs which can cause permanent damage to tiles and other materials, so a professional soft wash roof cleaning kit should be used. Just contact us if you would like to speak to us about the differences between pressure and soft washing and we will be on hand to help.

A clean, inviting building is a must for any company or business that is looking to increase its footfall and Dublin Repointing and Renovation also offer high pressure washing for car park, pavements, walkways and driveway cleaning.

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