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Flat Roofing Waterproofing Systems… Refurb or New-Build.


Dublin Repointing and Restoration use LAVA 20 System that can be easily used to waterproof new roof and balcony structures easily. Due to its unique formulation, it cures rapidly to form a completely defect free membrane with excellent mechanical and elastomeric properties. This product is ideal for use during the winter months or in climates with relatively low or high humidity. Furthermore, the fact that the minimum consumption can now be achieved in only one coat, reduces labor cost and eliminates previous drawbacks.

Features and Benifits:

  • Excellent weather and UV resistance. The light colour reflects much of the solar energy and so reduces the internal temperature of buildings considerably.
  • Excellent thermal resistance, the product never turns soft. Recommended service temperature 80 oC, max shock temperature 200 oC.
  • Resistance in the cold: The film remains elastic even down to -40 oC.
  • Excellent mechanical properties, high tensile and tear strength, high abrasion resistance.
  • Good chemical resistance.
  • Moisture vapor transmission: The film breathes so there is no accumulation of humidity under the coat.


No matter how well constructed a roof may be, over time, this integral part of a building will require repairs. Whether the damage is due to normal wear and tear, storm damage or other factors, it’s essential to get these issues fixed quickly to avoid further problems.

Dublin Repointing and Restoration has been providing flat roof repair services on felt roofs and single ply roofs throughout the Dublin City area. We take pride in our work, and our skilled team can carry out repair projects ranging from small garden buildings through to large commercial structures.

If your roof needs repair work, the first step will be an inspection – our team of experienced flat roof technicians will take a close look at your flat roof to determine the extent of the damage and the best way to fix the problems. We will then provide you with expert recommendations and advice.

All repairs will be carried out using high-quality materials, ensuring the finished result meets our strict quality standards.

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​​​​Liquid waterproofing systems are cold applied polyurethane membranes used for both cold and warm roof constructions that cure into durable, flexible roof coatings designed to adjust over fixings, seams, welds and joints to create a seamless finish that lasts.

Ideal for Roofing, Balconies, Gutters, Car Parks, Decks and Much Much More…