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Roof repairs are often seen as something that can be delayed. An ‘out of sight, out of mind’ problem. What some people don’t realise is that a tiny leak, and the resulting wet patch in the corner of your ceiling, can develop into a problem that affects the main structure of your home, requiring extensive and expensive repair.

Our team has one simple aim: to fix the problem and prevent it returning. You’ll get a high standard of work, and complete value for money. No ‘quick-fixes’, just sound repairs.


We pride ourselves on our knowledge of all things that can go wrong with a roof, and, more importantly, how to repair those things! Regardless of the issue, or type of roof, we’re confident that we have the ‘man for the job’!

Here are just a few areas of roof repair we cover…

  • General repair – Anything and everything from tiny roof cracks, to gushing leaks. Often the seemingly small and ‘obvious’ issues can lead to big problems, if left untreated.
  • Tile repair and replacement – A slipped tile or slate shouldn’t be ignored. Slipped tiles can often fall, posing a real threat to the safety of you and others around you. Don’t delay in getting those tiles fixed, realigned or replaced – it could save you a lot of regret (and money!)
  • Gutter repair and replacement – Gutters are a key element of any home or building, acting as protection against weather-related damage. They also provide an appealing visual element to your structure. We believe that keeping a regular check on your guttering is important, and we’re happy to fix and replace any gutter glitch you may have.
  • Weather damage – A common issue for homes and buildings that fall victim to the unpredictable English weather, is discovering that your seemingly sturdy roof simply couldn’t take that freak downpour. We’ll work to repair weather damaged roofs and offer you advice about ongoing ‘weather resistant’ measures you should be taking.
  • Roof overhaul – Whether it’s an old roof that needs total replacement, or a brand new conversion crying out for a flat roof, we offer complete refurbishment and a broad range of design options. We’ll advise on what roof-type and treatments would work best for your structure, whilst always taking into account your needs, and your budget.

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