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Comprehensive service for all types of properties from residential to retail


We provide a comprehensive service for all types of properties from residential to retail. From complete walls, doors, windows, stairs, cornice, skirting boards and ceilings, we have a skill and experienced team to help complete your refurbishment project to deadlines and to specifications. All staff are directly employed and have many years of experience to ensure that you are fully satisfied with your project refurbishment. We understand the paramount importance of quality in what we do – our dedicated team are passionate about what they do and always strive to perform a service of the utmost level of professionalism. Paint finishes include emulsion painting, eggshell painting, satin wood painting, undercoats, glossing and specialist finishes. We also offer a wall paper hanging service.


Painting and decorating specialists All forms of wall painting Ceilings painting and refurbishment All aspects of paper hanging and finishing Wood work including doors, door frames, cupboards and skirting boards Windows and window cills Staining or varnishing of woodwork Plaster mouldings and fire surrounds


In order for a lasting quality finish, we invest time in ensuring that we spend time preparing the surfaces, be it walls, ceilings, spindles, door frames, skirting boards and cornices to provide a lasting quality finish. In some instances, walls may need to be bleached to ensure that fungal growth or mould are eradicated. These may then be power washed or steam cleaned. We use dust sheets to cover areas to protect areas from damage. Any areas that need masking are done so from the outset. We use a variety of differing masking tapes with differing grip levels, masking paper, plastic sheeting and self-adhesive films to ensure that the paint coatings are only applied to the surfaces where required.


It is important that sticky surfaces are cleared so that the paint can be applied evenly. All surfaces need to be prepared free from grease, grime and dirt before painting can commence. We spend time preparing these area as well as door handles, architraves, handrails, bannisters, spindles and hand level surfaces.


There are two main benefits of sanding, firstly for a smooth surface by removing imperfections. Secondly, sanding allows a smooth surface to be achieved and this in turn gives the paint coating something to stick to. We use dust extractor sanders to ensure that we minimise the amount of dust dispersed into the air.


All bare surfaces need to be primed. If the plaster is new a mist coat needs to be applied by thinning the emulsion paint. This allows the paint to soak into the plaster and create a bond for the paint to be applied to the surface. Without a bond, the paint would sit on the surface and result in paint failing quickly. Woodwork needs to have any knots to be treated before they can be primed otherwise they will bleed through the top coat.


Dents, holes, cracks, splits and shakes need to be filled with a variety of products including powder filers, joining fillers, caulk for cracks and light weight fillers for smaller areas of imperfections. Here at Dublin Repointing and Renovating, we provide a fully comprehensive service that includes internal and external painting and wall paper hanging service. When it comes to interior decorating and refurbishment, our team are some of the most experienced and trusted providers around. We can help you to bring your vision to life, with specialist interior decorating and refurbishment services.


  • MAKES YOUR HOME OR OFFICE INCREASINGLY ATTRACTIVE – Has your room been in need of new decoration for some time now? We can make your room come to life and make it a happier home or better place for clients to visit, giving them a great first impression.
  • ADDS VALUE TO YOUR PROPERTY – Either in a monetary value or a creative sense, your property will increase in value one way or another. By adding value, you can attract more prospects or sell your property for a potentially increased price further down the line.
  • WORKING WITH PROFESSIONALS – We have worked with domestic and commercial clients on a diverse range of unique projects, helping them bring their vision to life and make a happier home/office.

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